Friday, 14 October 2016

Christmas Craft Market

Christmas Craft Market being held every weekend in Trinity Church, Thursdays,Fridays and Saturdays. Come and browse for Christmas goodies. Tables available to hire from £15. Contact Angie at to find out more and to book a place!

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Bodega La Iglesia

Presenting the first Bodega bar event in Holy Trinity Church. A Bodega is a hispanic cellar selling wine and food... here in Holy Trinity Church we will be getting a little taste of Spain! 

FRIDAY NIGHT PREVIEW: 16:00-21:00 with Flamenco dancing workshop at 19:00 
SAT & SUN: 10:30-16:30 On Saturday enjoy Spanish Guitarist Martin Packett and on Sunday we are hosing an open mic session for acoustic guitarists.

Supported by Pitfield Brewery.

Monday, 23 March 2015


On Friday 8th May Go4 Market cafe are hosting Colchestersoup at 6.30pm in our historic building Holy Trinity Church. But what is colchestersoup?Well, it’s a simple idea.  Come along to enjoy a bowl of soup and a drink for suggested £5 door donation which gives you soup and the right to vote on the speakers for the evening.

During the evening around 3 local people/groups get their chance to present their ideas – what they have been doing, why they need the money and how they see themselves in 6 months time. They don’t have to have charity status, simply people who feel their idea makes a bit of difference to an element of their community. The votes go in and the winner wins the money from the door takings. That's it, it's that simple!  It fits well with the GO4 Enterprises ethic and we love soup so couldn't be better!  Make sure you message them on Facebook or Twitter if you are going along.
Follow colchestersoup on Facebook and Twitter @colchestersoup 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

World Book Day 2015

World Book Day is an event recognised in over 100 countries around the world, it has been designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading. Up and down the country today many children (and adults) will be dressing up as their favourite book characters or celebrating reading in some way or another.

Here in GO4 Market CafĂ© there is always plenty of opportunity to read and celebrate reading; from our history corner in the tower to the selection of books and magazines available to enjoy over a cup of coffee and cake. So to celebrate World Book Day, we asked some traders and staff to share their favourite book, if you haven’t had a chance to read them maybe today is the day to start!

Laura from 13 Stitches: Dogger by Shirley Hughes- "As a kid with a very favourite bear I understood how Dave felt about his toy dog!"

Phoebe in GO4 Cafe: The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky- "It has a brilliant depiction of mental illness without detracting from the personality of the protagonist. I like novels that are realistic and relateable without feeling like I'm reading nonfiction."

Janine from Lesley’s Girls Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte: "I read it at least 5 times a year. It always cheers me up if I’ve had a bad day. My favourite but is the part when she berates Rochester as an equal in station and gender 'Do you think, because I am poor, obscure, plain, and little, I am soulless and heartless? You think wrong! — I have as much soul as you — and full as much heart!' "

Pete from Captain Jack’s Locker: "Started with “Janet and John”, then “Wind in the Willows”, progressed to Enid Blyton Famous Five stories but my favourite would be “Wind in the Willows”. Why? I just liked the moral in the story about friendship."
Michelle from Hidden in the Rafters: "Michelle says – I loved a bit of sleuthing so the Nancy Drew books were my other world, but I’ve also chosen Maya Angelou’s “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” because I loved it and the odd Shakespeare tragedy especially after a school visit to Stratford Upon Avon to watch “Romeo and Juliet”

Christina from Happenstance:  "As an English Teacher this is one of the hardest questions I am asked, there are so many books to choose from! I’ve chosen Harry Potter as I instantly loved them when they were first released and lots of my rather reluctant students read them too. Now I love them because they are stories that I share with my children."

Shirley from Moroccan Magic: "These are enchanting tales for children of all ages, taking them on adventures to many different lands. Filled with fairies, goblins and magical creatures."

So bring a book in, pull up a chair, grab a coffee and enjoy a good read in our cafe. What's your favourite book?

Thursday, 19 February 2015

24 hours in the life of a Teddy Doctor

One of our cabinets house some special bears made by 13 Stitches.  The owner, Laura, is also the Teddy Bear Doctor who pops up cone a month for her regular Teddy Bear Hospital. Last Saturday we asked her to do a diary of 24 hours of the teddy bear doctor.....

My preparation begins the night before surgery as I pack my medical supplies into the bear-mobile and spend the rest of the night trying to remember what I've forgotten! Last month it was my cash belt and phone! 

Tomorrow is Valentines day so i'm hoping to meet lots of old loved friends for general check ups. All small surgeries (hole fixing, etc) just cost a donation to the GO4 Children's Area fund, where with the Pop-up Teddy Bear Hospitals help we plan to renovate and rejuvenate the area so children can continue to be entertained in a fun environment while their adults can eat, drink and shop (the three main pleasures in life!). I have no booked in patients, but I am expecting to meet a young man and his keepsake blanket which I will be turning into a Pyjama Bear for him over the next week. So tomorrow is essentially a drop in clinic for me and these can be both the most fun & the most nerve wrecking as I could spend the day meeting all kinds of characters (bear and other!) and sew at the speed of knots, or an absolutely quiet day where I get to sit and hand sew whatever my latest project is I've brought along with me. I have several projects on the go in the morning so am a bit torn as to what kind of a day I am hoping for! 
Saturday morning:- So my morning began with a quick nip in the drizzle with the bear mobile and set up opposite Lesley's Girls Vintage. Then I began work on an old bear in need of a nose job! I'm glad to say surgery was successful and with new eyes and a bit of a brush up all he needed was a new ribbon to give him his sparkle back. 
My blanket-to-bear customer was a very polite young chap and after a through consultation of the design process I am really looking forward to making him a very special ted for bedtime snuggles. 
One drop-in consultation I had today was with a 70+ year young mohair and wood wool bear with a lot of wear on his nose. Unfortunately old bear faces are the most prone to damage from time, usually with bodies and limbs more protected with clothing, just like this very smart sailor chap. Why not check out my Facebook page and see how he turned out!?! 

Another drop-in consultation was a very different bear, this time a modern fur fabric tiny ted who has been thoroughly loved for 20 odd years and still has a place in his owners bed. Love injuries don't hurt bears, they wear them like a badge of honour and show them off to their bear mates. However when a hole starts to develop even ted knows it's time for a little help. This plucky little chap is now booked in with me for my next surgery on March 14th as he was quite insistent on going home with his owner and not missing a night away from her. 

Also during the day I was able to rehome Gilbert, a long haired Pyjama Bear who has had many admirers but was sad not to get a new home for Christmas. He is going to a bear friendly house and I know will make many friends! 

At the end of the day I feel tired but very happy with the exchanges I've had today. One customer admitted, one booked in for next month and a week of bear making for my young customer. Tomorrow i'm finishing off a chair re-upholstery & beginning a sofa, so not too late to bed for me! But is Valentine's Day!
Thanks to 13 Stitches' Laura for sharing her day in a life of a Teddy Bear Doctor, she'll be back again on 14th March.  Or if you can't wait that long pop in and see her cabinet in the market.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

A Happenstance Moment

From time to time our retailers in the market will be guest blogging on here.  Today we hear from a trader who has joined... or more accurately returned, to the market- Christina from Happenstance.  Read on to hear her story, and why GO4 Market Cafe has been so good for some indie businesses in different ways.

This week marks my return to GO4 as a trader. It has been a strange year and half all in all and central to all of this has been GO4.

Back in June 2013, I set up for the first time as a pop up under the name Apple Crisp. I was unsure and rather apprehensive as to how successful my pop up would be, I had previously had very mixed success at fairs and to be entirely honest was slowly building up on line sales through Folksy. But I really needed to be more confident in my handmade wares and meet and greet the folk of Colchester.

Who knew what that first Saturday would bring in terms of adventure and learning? I met a great group of creative and supportive people who encouraged me and inspired me and before long I took Apple Crisp full time to GO4. It was a steep learning curve in terms of manning my shop and being able to keep making stock, at one point my sewing machine moved in with me and I sat in the central aisles of the church humming away!
The next stage of my adventure was moving away from the handmade, I think I lost a bit of confidence with it and felt that to be able to keep this creative dream alive I needed to digress. I gained an insight into buying and selling after a number of trips to Lincolnshire alongside another trader and the next step was inevitable...partnership!
I did away with Apple Crisp, and went headlong into this new adventure. And phew, what a time that was! Selling at Spitalfields, spending heady mornings in auctions at Diss, and a lot of time dirty cleaning and "making good" unloved furniture. We felt we outgrew the space that was GO4 and moved into a new workshop and expanded, maybe that was the error, expanding too quickly and shortly after we decided to go our separate ways.
I plunged into a bit of a depression to be honest, what was I going to do? I had invested time and money and felt rudderless. What I came away with was a need to get back to making and being creative in my studio but with a strong knowledge that I loved finding and searching for vintage bits and pieces for the home, and in a happenstance moment, I knew what I was meant to do!

I had to come back to where it all started, I needed the encouragement from those around me, and I had to combine my two passions. So if you pop by my little shop at GO4, you will find personally sourced and curated vintage items for the home alongside my handmade homeware creations, I look forward to welcoming you soon and making you part of the next step in my GO4 adventure.

Christina x

You can find Happenstance in the shared space with Hidden in the Rafters over by the font as you enter the building. You can follow the Happenstance Facebook page here or visit their Folksy shop here.  The motto above are available as mounted prints n the market.

Thanks to Christina for her sharing story, it is great to show how the indie businesses in the church are real people and have real stories behind them, and equally lovely to see how GO4 Market cafe has supported her along the way of developing her business ventures.  We will be hearing form Lesley's Girls Vintage on the next blog post.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Small Business Saturday

This Saturday brings with it the national event which is Small Business Saturday, but what is it, why is it important and what does it,and should it, mean to us... and you?

Small Business Saturday
If you visit their website Small Business Saturday UK explains that is a non-political, non-commercial campaign starting at the grassroots level, highlighting small and local business successes whilst encouraging consumers to ‘shop local’ and support small businesses in their communities. Whilst the event is just on one day, it aims to have a lasting impact on small businesses.

On Saturday you will see local businesses promoting themselves to the hilt in their physical shops, across the internet, social media and the press, with the support of local business communities and the ever supportive public.  You are asked kindly to support local small businesses where you can.  Go to the local butcher or greengrocer rather than a mainstream supermarket, get your presents from a local small business rather than on Amazon. 

If you are wondering why there needs to be a campaign (and should be) to support small businesses, take a step back and think for a minute. Our town centres are the meeting place and heart of most communities, what makes them special and unique?  The shops and the people.  If every shop were a chain, would you lose that uniqueness of the town and a little bit of the character? Maybe, maybe not- but is it worth the risk?  The people who run these one off, small local businesses create their own identities on the High Street and create the individual towns we visit.  If you love your local town and want it to not just survive but thrive, then keep supporting the small businesses.  We are not bashing big businesses which are also an asset to this country and our towns, but they do not need the same level of support as smaller one off businesses do.

In the Market
It is no exception in GO4 Market Cafe, we support up to 20 different traders a day, from the permanent retailers in the main market, the cabinet holders who's customers we serve in the cafe, to the pop up's who come along  for one day of trading.  Each of these traders represent an independent business, each an individual person with their own specialist knowledge, unique charms and interesting stories.  The stock our retailers sell is always changing, always unique and always interesting, and many of them run their businesses alongside other jobs, other projects or running families. We're asking you to support these small businesses because you are supporting them but also because by coming along and supporting them you will understand what makes them all so special and unique, and we genuinely believe you will have a more enjoyable and more interesting shopping experience because of it.  Then you can go across to our own small business, the GO4 Cafe and enjoy a hand made cake or lunch, and a barista coffee, all served by people we are helping to train and support.

On Saturday you can enjoy some offers from traders, a full house of pop-ups and our permanent retailers, plus music, festivities and all day we will be sharing some stories about our traders on social media. 

So make it a December to remember and shop local this Christmas!