Monday, 23 March 2015


On Friday 8th May Go4 Market cafe are hosting Colchestersoup at 6.30pm in our historic building Holy Trinity Church. But what is colchestersoup?Well, it’s a simple idea.  Come along to enjoy a bowl of soup and a drink for suggested £5 door donation which gives you soup and the right to vote on the speakers for the evening.

During the evening around 3 local people/groups get their chance to present their ideas – what they have been doing, why they need the money and how they see themselves in 6 months time. They don’t have to have charity status, simply people who feel their idea makes a bit of difference to an element of their community. The votes go in and the winner wins the money from the door takings. That's it, it's that simple!  It fits well with the GO4 Enterprises ethic and we love soup so couldn't be better!  Make sure you message them on Facebook or Twitter if you are going along.
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