Thursday, 4 December 2014

Small Business Saturday

This Saturday brings with it the national event which is Small Business Saturday, but what is it, why is it important and what does it,and should it, mean to us... and you?

Small Business Saturday
If you visit their website Small Business Saturday UK explains that is a non-political, non-commercial campaign starting at the grassroots level, highlighting small and local business successes whilst encouraging consumers to ‘shop local’ and support small businesses in their communities. Whilst the event is just on one day, it aims to have a lasting impact on small businesses.

On Saturday you will see local businesses promoting themselves to the hilt in their physical shops, across the internet, social media and the press, with the support of local business communities and the ever supportive public.  You are asked kindly to support local small businesses where you can.  Go to the local butcher or greengrocer rather than a mainstream supermarket, get your presents from a local small business rather than on Amazon. 

If you are wondering why there needs to be a campaign (and should be) to support small businesses, take a step back and think for a minute. Our town centres are the meeting place and heart of most communities, what makes them special and unique?  The shops and the people.  If every shop were a chain, would you lose that uniqueness of the town and a little bit of the character? Maybe, maybe not- but is it worth the risk?  The people who run these one off, small local businesses create their own identities on the High Street and create the individual towns we visit.  If you love your local town and want it to not just survive but thrive, then keep supporting the small businesses.  We are not bashing big businesses which are also an asset to this country and our towns, but they do not need the same level of support as smaller one off businesses do.

In the Market
It is no exception in GO4 Market Cafe, we support up to 20 different traders a day, from the permanent retailers in the main market, the cabinet holders who's customers we serve in the cafe, to the pop up's who come along  for one day of trading.  Each of these traders represent an independent business, each an individual person with their own specialist knowledge, unique charms and interesting stories.  The stock our retailers sell is always changing, always unique and always interesting, and many of them run their businesses alongside other jobs, other projects or running families. We're asking you to support these small businesses because you are supporting them but also because by coming along and supporting them you will understand what makes them all so special and unique, and we genuinely believe you will have a more enjoyable and more interesting shopping experience because of it.  Then you can go across to our own small business, the GO4 Cafe and enjoy a hand made cake or lunch, and a barista coffee, all served by people we are helping to train and support.

On Saturday you can enjoy some offers from traders, a full house of pop-ups and our permanent retailers, plus music, festivities and all day we will be sharing some stories about our traders on social media. 

So make it a December to remember and shop local this Christmas!

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