Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Chess for Children

GO4 Market Cafe are excited to launch our first summer chess club! If you are aged 6-14 and interested in learning to play chess or improving your game, then come and join our resident chess expert Jim, who is giving chess lessons and practice. All levels of ability welcome. We ask that parent/carers stay with their children

The sessions are free and take place every Thursday between 10:00 and 11.30 over the Summer holidays beginning 24th July.

Benefits of Chess for Children

Why is it beneficial for children to play chess?  There are lots of reasons to come and join our chess club in the summer, more than simply to fill up time in the holiday period!
  • Chess helps players develop analytical and decision-making skills, which can be transferred in to real life situations.
  • Skills learnt in chess help children in build their confidence in school or other academic educational challenges.
  • When youngsters play chess they must call upon higher-order thinking skills, analyze actions and consequences, and visualize future possibilities. These are fantastic skills to learn at a young age.
  • Research has shown that children who play chess tend to excel in math and science.
  • It has been shown that children playing chess from an early age usually develop extraordinary memory skills.
  • Chess also helps in improving concentration and academic performance of the child

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