Altar Shelves

On the altar space near the cafe we have a whole range of local traders selling their wares. Plase see below for information, more details to follow.

Peruvian Handicraft
My name is Pamela, I am from Peru and am fascinated by the many cultures of my country.  When I came over to live in England I saw an opportunity to introduce different Peruvian Handicraft to this country.  It is made by artisans who learn their skills, passing them from generation to generation whilst keeping and promoting their culture to the world.  

At the moment I have three cubes in GO4 Market on the altar space at the top of the church including alpaca scarves, jewellery, finger puppets and embroidery, which are all hand made by artisans.

Find out more on their Facebook page here

LouLou's Handmade Homes
Hi, I am LouLou and I run LouLou's Handmade Homes. We have been trading since 2013.  With us you'll find a variety of handmade items for your handmade home, we also sell a selection of fashion accessories.

Every Thursday on our Facebook page we run Thrifty Thursday where you can get selected items for up to 50% off!  We also offer a bespoke service where your items can be custom designed.

LouLou's offers a unique service where every item is hand sewn without the use of a sewing machine, with a lot of love and a little bit of magic.